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Illustration 1: The Components Placement and Sizing of Eco Surface Drives System

[Notes: Product Specification May Vary According to Scope of Supply as stated in the Price Quotation]


  1. Surface piercing super cavitation propeller.

  2. Transom Mounting Plate at certain angle with Rubber Vibration Damper Mounting Ready.

  3. Shaft Coupling (the A Side Only) with Semi Flexible Rubber Damper and Vibration Absorber.

  4. Marine Transmission Gearbox with Water Cooled System

  5. Motorized Engine:  Turbo Diesel / Gasoline / Electric 

  6. SeaActiveTM Technology Exhaust tail pipe: Exhaust gases from Engines is discharged to the upperside behind propeller blades, pressure side pushes the exhaust gases away from the vessel at high speed.

  7. Geometrical Tiller Arm and Actuator for the usage of Hydraulic Powered Steering System.

  8. Oversize Inverted “U” shape thrust vector rudder.

  9. Zink Anode / Aluminum Anode (Optional).

  10. Special designed stern tube with:

    • Built-in shaft seal : Pressurized seal packing type.

    • Floating Shaft System:  Pressurized water lubricated rubber cutlass bearing.

  11. Cold Water Intake Pipe: Sea water pump pull the seawater into the system, to cool down the engine’s fresh water closed circuit cooling, transmissions oil, stern tube lubrication, and cooling the exhaust gasses.

  12. Cold Water Hose injected into Stern Tube for Shaft Lubrication.

Cold Water Intake Strainer/ Filter: Located Above Waterline for Easy Servicing

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