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Business Registration Number: 002534171-V

"At ECO SURFACE DRIVES, we're driven to lead the marine transport industry into an era of exceptional efficiency, sustainability, and success. Our vision paints a future where operational excellence redefined by our solutions sets unprecedented standards for cost reduction, environmental care, and technological innovation. Our journey is a commitment to constant progress, propelling the marine transport sector towards
a prosperous horizon where efficiency, sustainability, and innovation unite."

Mission: "Our mission at ECO SURFACE DRIVES is to transform the marine transport landscape through ingenious and sustainable solutions, significantly curbing operational costs for boats, vessels, and ships. We empower maritime enterprises with cutting-edge technologies and services that optimize fuel use, streamline maintenance, and elevate overall performance. Envisioning a future where marine transport is both economical and ecologically mindful, we navigate this course hand in hand with our clients, steering the industry towards amplified efficiency, profitability, and environmental consciousness."

Mohd A. Azmi
Founder and Director

Behind the remarkable innovation and trailblazing spirit of *Eco Surface Drives (ESD)* stands a visionary leader who has reshaped the maritime propulsion landscape. A true pioneer and inventor, he has redefined Outboard Surface Drive Propulsion and Inboard Fixed Shaft Surface Drive technology.

Introducing the Architect of Change: 

As the Owner, Founder, and Principal of ESD, his journey is a testament to dedication and expertise. With a profound passion for boat propulsion and hull design, he has amassed an impressive 15 years of hands-on experience in this intricate field.

Mastering Transformation: 

With 6 years devoted to re-design, rebuilding, and seamless installation of marine propulsion systems, he's honed the art of converting Outboard Motors to Inboard Surface Drives. His commitment to propelling innovation forward is undeniable.

A Decade of Business Acumen:

 Beyond technical mastery, our founder boasts 12 years of adeptly managing small businesses within the Marine Industry. His ventures have not only thrived but also paved the way for productivity improvement consulting that benefits all.

A Scholar's Pursuit: 

Education has been the cornerstone of his success. Holding a B.Sc in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA, and an M.Mgt in Human Resources from USQ, Towomba, Queensland, Australia, his academic achievements are profound.

An Engineering Trail: 

But his knowledge extends far beyond the boardroom. Through relentless self-study and collaboration, he's dived into the realm of Marine Engineering. This collaboration spans across distinguished institutions like the Faculty of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering, University of Technology Malaysia, Sekudai, Johor, Malaysia, and the Faculty of Marine Engineering, St. Louis University, Missouri, USA.

In every facet of his journey, our founder epitomizes a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. With his remarkable vision, ESD continues to lead the way in the marine propulsion industry, offering solutions that not only redefine efficiency but also pave the path to a more sustainable future.

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